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Monday, March 9, 2015

{Cat in the Hat and All That}

 Last week was Dr. Seuss' birthday and we celebrated it with plenty of Seussical fun! We began the week by reading and doing everything Seuss style!

 One of my favorites to do is Ten Apples Up on Top. We do a lot of counting activities with this book every year and this year Ms. Amy gave us some mini apples and an idea to put the peas pictures on blocks so they could stack the apples up on top. :) We added red and green so we could pattern the apples, too.
 Next we read My Many Colored Days and discussed feelings. We wanted to incorporated some writing this week, so we made this an art and language arts activity.
 I love how unique these turned out and they did great with their writing! They found the color words on their own and wrote them independently, then we helped them spell the feeling words.
 We had a roll and cover red fish blue fish game I found on pinterest a few years ago and we talked a lot about working cooperatively, taking turns, and being fair. They did a fantastic job!
 Half way through the week the peas brought their favorite Dr. Seuss books to school. We did a people graph of their books! I made a graph of the books below, but everyone wouldn't fit so there's some more pictures below, but you get the idea. :) We tried to read as many of the books as we could.
On Wednesdays we do journals and we usually add a poem, but this week Ms Angela found a great Dr. Seuss quote to add and we talked about what a quote was. It was hard concept, but we talked about how Dr. Seuss had SO many great words to share with the world. They could illustrate anything they wanted with the quote, but they wanted to draw cat in the hat for the most part. Are these adorable? 
Dr. Seuss week=rhyme time. We practiced rhyming ALL week! We played a game where everyone had rhyming words and we sounded them out as a group. Everyone had to find the words that "matched" or rhymed with them.
Afterwards we read Hop on Pop. I found some bubble wrap Ms. Molly brought to school and after reading we put the "pop" in the middle of the circle. Each pea got to "hop" on the "pop" for being such great rhymers! We even invited Ms. Molly to hop on the pop!
 We were ready for more rhyming, so we read this next:
 I knew wanted to surprise the peas with wockets to take home and I have been brainstorming a way to use all these Starbucks stoppers I won't let my hubs throw away. I'm all about the upcycling! ;) So when I got ready to make the wockets I decided to laminate and hot glue the wockets on. I'm not sure how well they stayed since they went home Friday, but they turned out pretty cute. I think I might make the rest pointers...let me know if you have any ideas!
 The wockets loved their new homes!
 The traveled to centers with the peas all day. Can you see that wocket in her pocket? ;)

Last, but never least, we read:
 Inspired by Ms. Amy's class who did some fantastic free expression painting, we decided to paint cat in the hats. They drew the cat in the hat all week, so they were excited to paint him, too.
 Aren't these guys precious?
We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday in style and it was a fantastic week. Now we are off for a week of relaxing for Spring Break. I hope you all have a wonderful break!