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Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun on the Farm

Our farm unit was SO much fun! We did so many things that we couldn't take pictures of it all. We could have kept going with our farm unit, the kids loved it and so did we. We started by discussing what we knew about farms and farmers for Morning Message.
I have a Nursery Rhyme Literacy Pockets book, which I really love because I adore nursery rhymes and because it includes several super cute activities including a mini book for each one. We made Little Bo Peep mini books for predictive reading and then got busy making these sheep. Oh my word. I can not tell you how much I love these sheep. They are all so different in little ways that give them big personality.

Another teacher gave us a barn to play with and we added farm animals and did a lot of pretending.

Pre-K 2 did guided reading with the mini books On the Farm.
We counted farm animals and worked on writing numbers.
Pre-K 1 also made pigs. Ms. Jennifer cut the pieces of the barn out and we all put it together, and then added our sheep and pigs to the farm. We also made roosters out of paper plates, and one made his debut on the barn! 

We did this activity for art and literacy. 
Our barn doors opened up and we used riddles to make a game adding animals to the barn.
We had a suprise, too! Colleyville Heritage High School's FFA students brought some goats to our playground for us to visit with.
I'm not gonna lie, these goats pooped pretty much everywhere and the kids thought it was the most hilarious and gross thing, haha!

We also read this favorite story:
We read it over several days, exploring some of the vocabulary and learning it in context. The kids thought this book was hilarious. They re-read it to eachother over and over. See this giggling? A funny story never gets old.

Another favorite story was this one:
If you have a visit to the library, check it out, because this will produce lots of giggling and be warmly recieved by silly four and five year olds.

Pre-K 2 did a fun snack craft making edible fences with farm animals. They added icing and pretzels to a graham cracker and then put animal crackers in their pens! The kids put them together all by themselves and then ate them up. :)

Here's the finished product!
Pre-K 2 wrapped up the week with a cooperative project using Rosie's Walk.
In this story a hen, Rosie, unwittingly evades a sneaky fox while walking through the barnyard. She leads him through one disaster after another as he tries to catch her and fails each time, all the while completely oblivious to the danger she is in! Here is Pre-K's re-telling of the story in pictures.
Well, that wraps up our Farm Week! Our next theme is Fall-Leaves and Trees which is just the beginning of my favorite season and all the wonderful weather and holidays that come with it! Happy Friday to all.

Houses and Homes

This week we talked about houses and homes. We played the Mouse in the House game and worked on rhyming words.

We also created our own shape houses in art.
We are practicing a LOT of cutting lately!

Here's a few of the finished products, they were all so individual and unique!
We also built houses out of many different materials.
The Cuisenaire Rods are one of the most popular toys in our classrooms.
More houses...
Foam houses!
This was our birthday girl of the week drawing houses during writing center.
And we had plenty of opportunities for dramatic play and pretending.
I love this house, it was my daughter's and it has been loved for a LONG time! I need to add some people as ours have become a little worn.
Pre-K 1 painted boxes for a group activity to make houses.
It was messy, but the kids really loved designing their houses.
After they were dry we played with our houses!
We read this silly story more than once.
Ms. Amy shared a great sequencing activity to go with it!
We also did a house glyph! It was great for critical thinking since they had to look at the color representing each person and add who lived in their home to their houes.
Here's the finished product!
And here's one morning message I had to share, it's so precious! They added themselves in the house and I love their pre-k people!
We also discussed how people live all around the world, different types of homes, and homes where animals live. It was a busy week full of learning!