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Monday, June 1, 2015




Super Heroes!

Our peas love to play super heroes. They play "good guys and bad guys" outside all the time. So when a week came up that was about noises, we decided to go with the noises super heroes make. BAM! ZOOM! POP! We began the week by checking out some super hero books. They LOVED the graphic novels/comic style books and spent hours looking at them. Look at all these boys! Be still my literacy loving heart, this is just greatness. <3
In blocks I made a Gotham City type background for their super hero play. We added people and super heroes.
It turns out many of the peas had a never ending wardrobe of super hero clothing. :)
This was the cutest book we read all week! You can check it out at here.
We thought of super hero attributes and characteristics. We focused on their positive qualities so that the peas would remember that in their rough and tumble play outside. :) They wrote the qualities themselves!
Sensory is a fan favorite around here, so we added super hero cars and action figures to our sensory tables and it was a hit.
For our journals we found this adorable poem from First Grade Wow for free! It gave us the opportunity to discuss using your talents and abilities to make the world a better place.
After adding their poem, they each drew themselves as a super hero. Cuteness overload, y'all.
We loved the opportunity to sound out some simple CVC words and we also thought of sounds that those onomatopoeia words made. The peas were SO clever! They thought of great ideas.
Since patterning is a Pre-K math guideline that we work on regularly, we added super hero patterning to the pocket chart. We made and extended patterns!

 For art we did a Pinterest inspired art project that the peas could do all by themselves! They started by water coloring a white piece of paper. Next, they added buildings with windows by cutting black and yellow paper. Finally, I took a picture of them wearing a cape and then cut them out so they could add themselves to their pictures!


One of my favorite centers all week was this rock and mineral investigation we did. 
Earlier in the year, our class had a mild obsession with rocks and stones. We ordered them a rock and mineral set from Lakeshore and then added more as we ran across them here and there. After talking about Superman's aversion to Kryptonite, we added crystals to our collection! We had some books about Superman, science tools for observation and investigation and a rock guide.
Even Superman himself enjoyed it!

  Since we have been doing a lot of reading predictive text and reading easy readers, we made our own easy readers. They spent a lot of time coloring them.

We ended the week by graphing our favorite super heroes. Hulk for the win, but I'll always love Spider-man the most. :)
It was a SUPER week. Hope yours is too!