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Friday, March 22, 2013

Dr. Seuss on the Loose in Pre-K!

Last week we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday by doing activities and crafts based on his wonderful stories! Pre K 1 started with this favorite:
Then we did this watercoloring art project! The peas were very thoughtful about how different colors made them feel, and I loved hearing them describe each one.
Next, both classes read The Foot Book!
Pre K 2 traced their feet and then wrote left and right by the correct foot. I love these little feet!
With cute painted toes!
Pre K 1 made a foot book for our growing collection of class books!
We took pictures of our feet and added opposite words.
It turned out pretty stinkin adorable.
We had some Seussy inspired building, like this car
Then Pre K 1 read this favorite:
And then we found there were actually Wockets in our class!
There was one for every one! Of course, they wanted to be in our pockets.
They were pretty popular.
One of my peas even thought that Happy needed to meet the Wocket so they wouldn't scare one another. Great idea!
Sucessful! They both were happy to meet one another.
Next both classes read the best Dr. Seuss book of all! 
And, of course, we just had to make green eggs and ham!
We made seperate servings of just eggs and eggs with ham.
The peas LOVED it!
We graphed who liked it and who didn't.
Here's Pre K 2 making their green eggs and ham!
It looks kind of weird...
But it's pretty yummy stuff!
Pre K 2 loved it, too!
They only had one friend that didn't like it!
After reading Cat in the Hat, both classes whipped up some art projects to go with this famous story.
Pre K 2 stamped pattern hats.

Pre K 2 made the fish in the story and thought about what he might say.
After reading this story, PPK was super sweet and let us play with the Oobleck they made in class. Thanks PPK ladies!
It was an ooey gooey mess!
The last book we did activities with was this one:
I found this awesome game on Pinterest, where else? We made a die into a fish game die and the peas had to fill up their bowls to win.
I love teaching games to this age, there are so many valuable things they learn during game play!
And they really love game centers!
We also had lots of super cute Seuss-y accessories and clothing going on this week which just added to the fun!
There were so many Seuss books to choose from, it's hard to fit everything in! We really enjoyed all of our activities this week. Next week we will be celebrating Easter with bunnies, chicks and eggs and a special day, so come back and check it out. Have a wonderful weekend!

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