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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fairy Tales

Last week was one of my favorite all time themes: Fairy Tales! We started by discussing reoccurring themes in fairy tales, and did one of my favorite group activities at center time called "And the Wolf Wore Shoes". After reading The Wolf's Chicken Stew pictured below, we brainstorm what is real and what is not real in the story.

Another thing we noticed was that many times fairy tales include a castle! After finding this awesome art activity on Deep Space Sparkle we tackled drawing shape castles , then painting them. The peas did an extraordinary job!!!
We also built castles at block center!
After reading LOTS of variations of the three little pigs, we put some sticks (Lincoln logs), straw (Yellow Straws) and bricks (red snap cubes) into the sensory table with three little pigs and a wolf. They loved it!
One particular story was very popular...The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka. If you haven't ever read this story, BUY it! It's totally worth it!
After reading the story, we asked who they believed...the wolf or the pigs??? We were a class divided!
Ms. Rhonda prepped her kids for The Frog Prince by learning about the life cycle of a frog and making these cute sequencing strips.
They also splashed in the water!
After reading Rapunzel, Ms. Rhonda had an AWESOME Rapunzel craft. The peas had to stack blocks for the tower, then added their princess at the top.

Pre K 1 made the 3 Little Pigs houses.
They chose where they wanted their wolf. Many of them put it at the first house. 
We added some props to our dramatic play area.
And since I collect fairy tales, we had a huge basket to look through. 
We broke out these fun castle blocks after reading Cinderella in class.
And we reinacted the 3 Billy Goats Gruff lots of times. :)
Pre K 2 made these fun fairy dust bottles in science center!

The Giant came and visited Pre K 1!!
He left beans for us to play with...
and a copy of his handprint! I found this adorable idea on Pinterest, of course! The kids traced their hands in the Giant's hand and then counted how many beans would fit inside their hands.
We even had a giant beanstalk spring up! Sans leaves, though, so we made some.
Then I had all the kiddos pose and snapped their picture. Later I added them each to the beanstalk!
To wrap up our beanstalk day, we planted three magic beans and then predicted which would grow first.
Next up, one of my favorite activities Pre K 2 did...Puss in Boots!
After reading the story, the peas added their own Puss to the boots. Ohmyword, these are so precious!

Last, but not least, Pre K 1 read this:
Then we did a Princess and the Pea art project!

SO cute! It says Austin put 6 mattresses on the bed, but the princess could still feel the pea! Then they added the number of mattresses they wanted, their princess and a pea at the bottom.
BEST WEEK EVER! We had so much fun and I think I could have kept going with the fairy tales! Well, that wraps up a magical week. Hope your week is magical, too!


  1. Where do I find copies of your activities?

  2. Do you have templates that I could use for these activities!! I love your ideas!

    1. Thank you! I don't have templates online, I usually just make things in word. I have started to try to figure out how to share the things I make online, so if I can figure it out, I'll post them!