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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas

We started our Christmas theme with a countdown craft! We glitter painted stars and added this poem:
"Each night when
goodnight is said,
Take off one ring
and hop in bed.
When only this star
 is left to shine...
Then you will know
It's Christmas Time!"
I love making these with the kids because they do the rings themselves. I give them tape and a stapler and let them problem solve and work together to figure out how to make the chain.  
Look at the pea's face behind him! Haha! They would say "WOW! That's getting SO long!" They are super cute.
Next, we read this:
And then we started on our own Christmas tree art project. First we marbled painted with shaving cream and food coloring. It was really fun and the paper turns out beautiful! Next, we drew our own fir trees, then added details to our pictures. I found this project on Deep Space Sparkle, an amazing site for art projects.
Next, Ms. Amy provided the materials for these stacking Christmas trees. Gotta love some spacial reasoning, critical thinking, and fine motor skills all wrapped up in a craft!
We made little books about Christmas to continue our sight word work...
And got busy secretly making some ornaments as gifts for the peas families!
Pre-K 2 made Christmas Tree Ornaments with the kiddos pictures. They were so sweet.
Pre-K 2 also did a fun snack craft! They made edible reindeer, yum!
You can find the recipe here. (Our recipes are always modified to meet our food policy for allergies, so we make substitutions.)
Pre-K 1 read this classic:
Then we made Grinch Floats!! (a.k.a. Sprite, Green Sherbert, Green Food Coloring)
They were grinchy and delish.
During circle time, we discussed the attributes of The Grinch and added things he had said during the story to prove the attributes were true.
Next, we made Grinch Handprints at art!
On the back it said, "I would tell the Grinch..." and they filled it in. Some were pretty funny!
We worked on fine motor skills by making Fruit Loop candy canes.
Then we prepared for our caroling. Every year we carol outside the school. We were reindeer and sang "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer." We started by making the headbands.
They traced their hands for the antlers. I know...SO precious!
As we rotated centers, everyone wanted to wear their antlers, so I caught a picture of all these reindeer working in their handwriting books. I love it.
Here's a couple Rudolphs enjoying snack before the caroling!
That wraps up our Christmas week. It was fantastic! Hope yours was, too!

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